Upcoming Concert – Spring Concert 24th March


Christmas Concert |  3rd December 2019

ECO - Christmas Concert



Previous Concerts

Myths & Legends | Summer Concert 2nd July 2019









Spring Concert | 26th March 2019











Christmas Concert | 4th December 2018

Christmas Concert 2018











Ninfield Proms – 27th July  2018


Summer Concert – 3rd July  2018






Spring Concert | 27th March 2018

Christmas Concert | 5th December  2017

Nautical Concert | 4th July  2017

Spring Concert | 28th March 2017

Christmas Concert | 6th December 2016

ECO - Christmas Concert

The orchestra would like to thank all those that turned up and supported us.

Thank you

The Grand Tour – 28th June 2016

Grand Tour Poster A5This concert was our busiest concert to date and we thank you to all those that came out in the rain “Truly British Weather”

Thank you







Spring Concert | 22nd March 2016

Spring Concert Poster A5What a truly classical evening and a great performance by the Concert Orchestra. Thank you to all that attended.


One thought

  1. As a longtime member of this orchestra, I’m proud to say that the people who joined in the last few years have been working extremely hard in improving not only the standard of performance, but the image, and identity. Thank you.


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